The new MobilHybrid: Perfect for your purse and for the enviroment

MobilHybrid – the independent, environmentally friendly, portable storage system for your generator

The MobilHybrid is an innovative storage system it is connected between power generators and electricity consumers. The mobile hybrid stores the electricity from the generator and passes it to the consumer, as required in just the right amount without any waste of electricity.

Exactly for these applications the mobile hybrid has been developed. It ensures with its innovative technology that the generator can be switched off when the load of electricity consumers is small, so less than the rated power of the mobile hybrid in use. If the energy in the batteries ends or the load demand is higher than the power of the MobilHybrid, the MobilHybrid turns the generator automatically on. If the load demand is greater than the generator power, the Mobilhybrid switch on and the two power sources are added together by the Power-Boost-Function.

Throughout the world, diesel or gasoline generators are used when electricity is needed and no grid connection is available. Outside of cities, at construction sites, at outdoor events in the open or in the exploration of oil and gas. In all of these applications, very heterogeneously electric power is required. The load varies from 100% to a few percent during the night or periods of rest. Unfortunately, diesel generators have at loads below 50% a very poor efficiency. Less than 30% capacity, the service life of the generator is even significantly reduced because soot particles are settled in the oil and the cylinders which can destroy the engine. To avoid this, load resistors are often connected to the generator at 30% part load.


Construction site

Your Diesel must not run from morning to evening. Let control the MobilHybird your local power generation. Its innovative technology makes it possible.

Group Of Marathon Runners At Start Of Race

Events & alpine tourism

At your event you do not want disturb the nice atmosphere by a rattling diesel generator. The MobilHybrid supplies your event quiet and environmentally friendly.

land oil drilling rig on green wheat field

Exploration & Mining

Whenever your operation is far away from the next gas station, the MobilHybrid helps saving diesel with its innovative technology.

What is a MobilHybrid?

The MobilHybrid is a mobile and intelligent controlled electricity storage. It enables a economical and environmentally friendly and continuous supply of your electricity demand. Almost better than a grid.

How does it work?

The MobilHybrid selects the most favorable energy sources out of multiple (hybrid) supplies for the current load situation. This may be the built-in battery storage, a diesel generator, photovoltaic modules or a possibly existing grid.

Why can you save money?

In many applications the amount of required electrical energy is quite low. Diesel generators have the problem at low load operation the specific fuel consumption is very high, especially with few or weak consumers. Although very little power is needed, the engine must run at a constant speed. Large amounts of diesel are burned useless. In this operating mode the MobilHybrid consumes the energy out of the batteries and starts the diesel engine only when the battery needs to be recharged or heavy loads occure. So fuel and maintenance costs for the diesel engine are significantly avoided and prolongs its service life. You must refuel much rarer.
In cases of manageable power consumption the MobilHybrid can be easily home loaded with cheap AC power or on site with MobilPV and then provides its consumers in the field particularly favorable. In such cases, you bring never more fuel to your construction side.

What is the benefit of the environment?

  • Significant amounts of CO2 and harmful emissions can be saved
  • Silent operation of the power supply, since the diesel generator most of the time is switched off or is no longer needed in some applications
  • More CO2 and money can be saved in addition to the hybrid system be the use of photovoltaic modules
  • The lead-acid batteries used are 99% recyclable
  • The service life and maintenance intervals of the diesel engine shall be extended

What makes the Hybrid mobile?

Mobile Hybrid is built on a very robust steel support frame in the size of a Euro pallet. Easy handling is possible with forklift or by lifting gear to the eyelet in the top, even as a slide the device can be pulled above ground. The logistics is simplified through the standard Euro-pallets measure. The very compact and resistant housing with IP54 protection rate is suitable for outdoor installation. The equipment according to the trade association rules provide for unrestricted use without grounding measures and without being a qualified electrician. The used lead-acid batteries are ready for the road and air transport.


How long do the batteries last? Do we take the batteries back?

The batteries are designed for a lifetime of 1800 cycles. With one cycle per day the lifetime of the batteries is approximately 5 years. As the end of life a remaining capacity of 80% is defined. The battery pack can be inexpensively replaced in a short time. Of course, we will take back the old used battery packs and we will recycle them.

What’s about warranties?

The warranty period for the MobileHybrid is 2 years except the batteries

More arguments:

  • attractive design
  • PV battery charger as an option
  • grid connection as an option
  • IP54 Schuko / IP67 CEE Connectors

The all-new MobilHybrid for power generators

Save up to 50% of your operational costs


Calculating 280 days operation time a year with MH-24, 24 hours per day and the previous load course over the day 20.200 EUR will be saved per year with a 45kVA diesel genset.

Savings Diesel: 8100 Euro
Savings refueling: 5100 Euro
Savings maintenance: 7000 Euro

Become independent with the solar option and MobilPV, the self-sustaining mobile power source


With MobilPV for the first time fast, reliable and mobile use of photovoltaic is made possible. Whenever the supply of diesel is costly. MobilPV is the perfectly matching solution to supply your mobile hybrid power system. A MobilPV system generates enough power to charge on a nice day your mobile hybrid up to 2 times again fully.
The clever folding system of MobilPV allows the assembly and disassembly of the modules for 2 persons in less than 10 minutes. The robust construction provides protection and safety even during frequent transport. It is limited to the dimensions of a euro pallet to simplify handling and storage.
One or two MobilPV systems may be connected to a MobilHybrid system, delivering up to 40 kWh of electricity which are produced at low cost and eco-friendly every day.


Calculating 280 days operation time a year, 24 hours per day, a solar power plant of 3 kWp and the previous load course over the day 23.200 EUR will be saved per year.

Savings Diesel: 10000 Euro
Savings refueling: 6000 Euro
Savings maintenance: 7200 Euro

Uninterruptable power supply application (UPS)

group of textile workers in production area

A lot of industry applications do not allow disruptions of power supply. In countries with unreliable power grids this is a severe problem for the growing of the industry.

The solution for these applications is the MobilHybrid system. Containing a UPS-functionality, MobilHybrid replaces the inactive public power grid without disruption of power at the outputs. On order to cover longer power disruptions we recommend to add MobilPV to the system, in extreme situations a diesel genset should be added. Power disruiption and re-establishment of the power supply are detected automatically and processed internally.

The powerboost function adds up the power of the diesel genset and the MobilHybrid. Consequently, a smaller diesel genset can be used for covering peak loads and for that, the costs come down by 30%.


Your advantages

Diesel savings up to 30%, 30% lower CO2‐emissions

Payback period less then 2 years in 12 hour/day operation

Dimesions of a euro-pallet

Operation cost savings up to 60%

Payback period less then 1 year in 24 hour/day operation

Optional island mode supply with UPS–function

Less noise emissions

Smaller generator size with the Powerboost function

Energy supply by photovoltaic generator (optional)

Product range MobilHybrid

Typ MobilHybridMH -3MH -4MH -8MH -12MH -18MH -24MH -36MH -48MH -72MH -108
continuous power VA at 25°C240040008000120001950024000360004800072000108000
top performance VA 25°C 5 sec6000100002000030000480006000075000120000150000225000
output voltage V AC1 AC 230 V3 AC 230 / 400 V
input current max. AC50A 1ph100A 1ph100A 3ph2*100A 3ph3*100A 3ph
max. output current (with external AC source ) A26A (32A)32A (32A)63A (63A)63 A Option : 125A (125A)2*125A (2*125A)3*125A (3*125A)
protection functionsOverload, over temperature, short circuit, discharged batteries
earth fault40A 1ph 30mA FI63A, 1ph 30 mA FI63 A 3ph 100m A FI125 A 3ph 300 mA FI
usable battery capacity kWh4,59,1121824364872108
Input ConnectorCEE 32A 1phCEE 63A 1phCEE 63A 3ph63A Option : CEE 125A 3ph2*CEE 125A 3ph3*CEE 125A 3ph
Output Connector A1 x Schuko 16 ACEE 63A 1phCEE 63A 3ph63A Option : CEE 125A 3ph2*CEE 125A 3ph3*CEE 125A 3ph
Output Connector B1 x Schuko 16 A3 x Schuko 16A IP54
Charging time at the net to full charge2,5h
Auxiliary contact (remote start Dieselgen.)Harting HAN-7D
Battery monitoringLCD Display: Voltage, Power, State of charge, runtime, load cycle
Battery cycle18001400
Operating temperature range-10°C bis +45°C
Dimensions W x D x H mm600 x 800 x 1200800 x 1200 x 1290800 x 1200 x 1690800 x 1800 x 16902 x 800 x 1200 x 16902 x 800 x 1800 x 16903 x 800 x 1800 x 1690
weight kg ca.3605257501230148020352*14802*20353*2035
Optional Photovoltaic loaderController with up to 8kWp connectable module output






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Electronic Diener Plasma-Surface-Technology


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